FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • First you need to complete the order form on our pricing page
  • Fax or email your completed form to sales@lcgcreations.ca
  • Louise will verify your order with you
  • Once verifed, a 50% deposit is required to start the project. The earlier the better.
  • Estimated time of completion is provided
  • A sample jpg photo of the sample product is sent for approval.
  • Once approved, Louise will begin to process the full order.
  • Once sample is approved, we are unable to accept changes.

If you have purchased guest cards, Louise will need the guest list to test if all the names will fit into the selected frame, border and font style into our design software. Accuracy of names is extremely important to ensure our accuracy.

  • Client is informed of project completion and the delivery address is confirmed
  • Final payment is due.
  • Once final payment is received, product is expedited via chosen shipper
  • Client is provided tracking information

The place card frames and the materials are not stock items. These items are generally ordered through primarily from Canadian, when available and American suppliers. For the American suppliers, this will give us enough time for any shipping issues if it should arise. This is to allow time if there are any backorders to order elsewhere, if need be.

The estimated number from your guest list will determine the basic time period and quantity. The basic materials – fabric and embroidery threads are also ordered through another supplier in Canada. The organza pouches and the white gift boxes are also ordered through our Canadian suppliers. All of these items are considered as Special Orders, this will take some approximately 5-10 business days to process and ship to our premises.

Each individual place card inserts are designed to fit the inside the chosen frame ordered. All handmade cross stitch needlework, mounted on separate cards. WE DO NOT USE EMBROIDERY MACHINES. We will quality inspect to ensure this pattern will be suited for the frame. The average time per handmade cross stitch design pattern will be determined by the detail of each pattern, typeset letter style ranges from 30 minutes to two hours for the full assembly per favour.

Returns are accepted only on special circumstances, however a cancellation charge will apply. We do our best to make sure each item is shipped exactly as it is ordered.


We will refund or reprint any order when there has been a mistake on our part, and you contact us within 15 days from the date the service was purchased and because of the personalized nature of our place card settings, all sales are final.

Please proof your order fully. If you wish to cancel your order before the proof approval, it will be subjected to a 15% cancellation charge for administration fee after the first payment is processed.

Returns of customized items will not be accepted.

We ensure your product is packed properly and take personal care in packaging our orders.

If you have any concerns, please contact us.

A 50% deposit is required to begin any project.

Once project work has been completed, the client is contacted for final payment. Once received the completed order is shipped.

Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your order. Once the customized design pattern and the cross stitch process has begun no request for cancellation can be accepted.

It’s simple! We want you to be happy with our services. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with you order. We will make every possible effort to ensure your satisfaction.

Cross Stitch is ancient and noble form embroidery. It is not know whether it was prehistoric man or woman that created the first cross stitch to hold two animal skins together, but we do know that it was being used in Seventh Century Egyptian textiles and has continued right through to the present day.

In the past, cross stitch would have been used to decorate many elaborate items of clothing. It is, after all, just two diagonal lines cross to form an “X”; perhaps it is the romantic in us all that reminds us of a simple kiss!

We personally, handmade each cross stitch pattern to fit inside the pocket of Photo Albums and Wedding Favor Place Card Frames. We pride on our quality of our work!

Each pattern, place card frame and photo albums are inspected for quality. The passion does pass to the honored guests.